Paul-Timothy (Chinese)

  Paul-timothy "Mature & Multiply" (Chinese)
Updated in June 2012


Paul-Timothy has been adapted to Chinese culture and translated into Mandarin.
If you employ this version, then, please, report any mistakes: Contact us

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Archive Downloads

P-T Methods
Archive name: Methods_used_in_Paul-Timothy_June-2012_Chinese.doc
(File names are in Chinese. 900 kb)

Methods Used in Paul-Timothy (English) June 2012
Archive name: Methods_used_in_Paul-Timothy_June-2012_English.doc
(File names are in Chinese. 800 kb)

保 罗—提摩太‘成熟及繁殖’门徒训练” .7z 压缩包 (更新日期:2012年06月)下载
Archive name: Paul-Timothy_Mature_&_Multiply_Discipleship_Training_Chinese.7z
(File names are in Chinese. 26 mb)

Paul-Timothy "Mature & Multiply" (English) June 2012
Archive name: Paul-Timothy_Mature_&_Multiply_Discipleship_Training_English.7z
(File names are in English. 26 mb)