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Read #1 first.

#1 How to use Paul-Timothy studies.  PreviewWord. Pdf.

A printable version of the Paul-Timothy Users' Menu

#2 User's Menu for coaches and children's teachers. Preview. Word. Pdf.

Coaches should also read #3.

#3 11 guidelines for those who coach shepherds. PreviewWord. Pdf.

#4 15 guidelines for shepherds being trained. PreviewWord. Pdf

#5 11 guidelines for children’s teachers and helpers. PreviewWord. Pdf

#6 10 tasks of coaches. PreviewWord. Pdf

Supplemental guidelines

#7 2 ways by which to help a congregation's body life. PreviewWord. Pdf

#8 9 guidelines to plan and lead group worship. PreviewWord. Pdf

#9 12 basic topics to teach when studies are not available.
PreviewWord. Pdf

#10 10 b asic principles to introduce Paul-Timothy. PreviewWord. Pdf

Assignment check list

#11 Checklist of studies assigned and completed.
Preview. Word. Pdf.

#15 Bible insert: Gospel, Commandments, Coaching.
PreviewWord. Pdf.

#119 Supplement: Church Reproduction Cycle. PreviewWordPdf.