Church Multiplication Guide
(2002 Translators' Version: same teaching, clearer English)

Church Multiplication Guide

Français (.pdf, 2 mo) Português do Brazil (.pdf, 455 kb)

The Church Multiplication Guide (CMG) is
2002 by George Patterson and Richard Scoggins.
Order the published English version from William
Carey Library

The CMG may be downloaded free, translated into non-English languages,
published, and given or sold, on condition that you, the translator-publisher,
complete and return the "Translator-Publisher Agreement" to George Patterson.
(This version has been put into plain English for easier translation.)

There are three steps:

1. Download Translator-Publisher Agreement. Click here.

2. Send the Translator-Publisher Agreement ...

3. Download the CMG ...

  • To download the CMG as a .PDF file, click here.
    This file cannot be edited or altered. It keeps the
    CMG safe from accidental corruption.

  • To download the CMG in a .ZIPped MS Word document file, click here.
    This file allows the translation to be typed directly into the file, allowing translated titles and paragraphs to retain the formatting of the original. (See the Translator's Helps near the start of the document.)

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