George Patterson's 1995

"Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations"
An interactive, electronic novel suitable for self-instruction
and as a textbook in a basic mission course

Follow the fast-paced story of a small congregation that launched new churches...

  • in its own community,
  • next, in a culturally-similar community,
  • after that, in a culturally-distant people group, and
  • finally, in a land hostile to Christians.

As you read the text and view the 300+ images, you must answer questions posed by the characters. Your answers deternime the outcome of each episode, whether success, failure, prison or worse.

The story consists of actual events known to the author that have occurred in various church-planting efforts around the globe. The programme contains more than 300 pictures and sound clips.

(1) Download the installer for Microsoft Windows 95 and newer. (15 mb)
Then, (2) Extract the files from the 15 mb .zip archive into a temporary folder. 
Next, (3) log into that folder and run Setup.exe. Afterwards, (4) you may delete the temporary folder. Finally, (5)  launch "Disciple the Nations" from your Windows Start button, or directly as DISCIPLE.EXE

Download an instructor's course guide in Microsoft Word. (300 kb)
This is an instructor's manual for those who teach students using this programme.

Windows 7 and newer installation procedure
Before you run Setup.exe, you may have to right-click on it and
choose Properties, then left-lick on the Versions tab. In the
list of earlier Windows versions, choose XP. Click on OK.
Now, run Setup.exe again. There should be no problem.
Stuck? Write to us here.

Apple MacIntosh
Install VirtualBox. In VirtualBox, install Windows, then run Windows and
Disciple the Nations (DN) as described above.
VirtualBox, install Linux, then run Linux and install wine32.
Extract DN from the downloaded zip archive into a new folder.
In a terminal, navigate to the new folder, and execute

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