Did Buddha prophesy about Jesus?

Buddha, being from a noble family, likely read about the law of the Most High God whom the emperor
Darius commanded everyone to serve [Holy Bible, Book of Daniel, chapter 6, verses 24 through 26].

Buddha probably learned about the coming servant of that God, who would suffer for others' sins, as
predicted by the prophet Isaiah whose Scriptures Jews had carried into many provinces of the Babylonian
and Persian empires. [Holy Bible, Book of Isaiah, chapter 53]

Most Christians do not believe that Buddha had predictive powers. Certainly Jesus needs no false or
unproven testimonial from any source. Jesus remains on his own strength the only One who cancels sin,
quenches the black fire, abrogates karma, and prepares nibbana for those who embrace him.

Jesus ensures eternal, conscious, personal and community life, to those who obey Him, by virtue of His own redemptive death and victory over death. Jesus is alive forever, physically and spiritually, making alive
forever all who come to him through
repentance, faith and obedience.

Thus, this Buddhist prediction about a coming sin bearer, may not be authentic, but could have been
informed by the Holy Bible in Buddah's time or some time thereafter.

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