How Do They Compare?






Came through one man.


Came through more than 40 people.

He was an Arab.


They were all Hebrews.

He did no miracles.


They were attested by many miracles.

Made no predictions.


Made hundreds of verifiable predictions.

Arabic version alone is trusted.


Translations provide adequate understanding.

God's great name is Allah.


God's personal name is Yahweh.

Doctrines differs from those of the Hebrews.


Continuity of doctrine between all the biblical prophets and apostles.

Relates only visions and traditions from long after the historical events.


Records eye-witness accounts of most events.

Presents apocryphal legends.


Teaches no human myths.

Mary, mother of Jesus, is the only named woman.


Many women are named and honored.

Seeks to "supercede" other books.


No Scripture abrogates another.

Claims another messenger followed Jesus.


Jesus the Messiah is the final messenger.

Jesus is called a prophet among many.


Jesus is Prophet, Savior and Lord.

The human duty is to be a submissive servant of God.


The human privilege is to become an adopted child of God.

Salvation is by works and Allah's sovereign will.


Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus' death and return to life.


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