Inductive training of novice shepherds

Interactive training to launch urgan gatherings

Mentoring for Reproductive


Patterson Manual


Iglesias en hogares
Four Fields
Paul & Timothy
 Reproductive Disciple-Making

'Inductive training of novice shepherds

Leader’s manual
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Learner’s manual
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February 2008

Interactive training to launch
urban gatherings that multiply”

Leader's manual 
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Learner's manual 
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March 2009

“Mentoring for Reproductive
disciple-making: Introducing
Train & Multiply®

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January 2010

“Interactive training to multiply churches or cell groups” by George Patterson

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Leader’s manual 
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January 2010

“Iglesias en hogares que
se multiplican

Manual de líder
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Decembre 2011
Four Fields: A Nine-Session Workshop in Reproductive Methods

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October 2014
Train & Multiply Introductory Workshop: Pastoral mentorship chains for continual

Trainer's Guide
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March 2013
Ten Practices that Facilitate Reproductive Disciple-Making: A Model Five-Hour Workshop

Trainer's Guide
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September 2016


Opening Activity
Action 1: Empower apprentice workers
Task 1. Pray out more workers.
Task 2. Share authority with new leaders.
Action 2: Enable apprentice workers.
Task 3. Commission apprentice workers and send them in teams.
Task 4. Give instructions to new workers.
Action 3: Help apprentice
workers plan their work.

Task 5. Teach apprentice workers affordable methods.
Task 6. Plan with apprentice workers what they will say and do.
Action 4: Reach whole families.
Task 7. Let workers start flocks in houses of worthy persons.
Task 8. Let workers bond with the people & adopt their customs.
Action 5: Preach and heal.
Task 9. Let workers leave people and places that reject you.
Task 10. Let workers proclaim the original Good News.
Action 6: Report activities & results.
Task 11. Let workers pray for signs and wonders.
Task 12. Listen to workers report
to their trainer.

Special Words
Index of Dramatic Sketches


Purpose, Gatherings, Procedure, Preparation, Follow-up, Prayer.

Module 1: Gather a few family members or friends and worship together informally.

Module 2: Love the Lord Jesus by obeying his commands together, before all else.

Module 3: Worship God together,
and serve one another, in love.

Module 4: Teach believers to exercise their ministry gifts and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Module 5: Agree among yourselves to start small gatherings that will start others.

Module 6: Tell the original Good News, and let it flow unhindered to others.

Module 7: Mentor leaders of new gatherings, enabling them to mentor others, in turn.

Module 8: Foster cooperation between gatherings, in ever-
expanding clusters.

Appendix: Prayer, Seven practices, Steps to launch gatherings.


Purpose of this workshop, Objectives, Format, Methods, Evening sessions, Special words

Module #1 Mentor workers to launch temporary gatherings.
Module #2 Mentor workers to foster prayer and devotional life.
Module #3 Mentor workers to
evangelize and reproduce gatherings
Module #4 Mentor workers to teach and make disciples.
Module #5 Mentor workers to identify
leaders and spiritual gifts.
Module #6 Mentor workers to lead group worship and communion
Module #7 Mentor workers to model giving and to serve the needy.
Module #8 Mentor workers to improve fellowship and body life.
Module #9 Mentor workers to shepherd and counsel.
Module #10 Mentor workers
to train shepherding leaders.
Module #11 Mentor workers
to make disciples of the nations.
Module #12 Mentor workers to evaluate their activities.

Appendices: Commandments of Jesus, 12 Reproductive tactics, 12 Mentoring skills, 12 T&M exercises, workshop activities



01 Form a Temporary Training Church
with Cells

02 Make Disciples as Jesus Said,
Teaching them to Obey His Commands

03 Covenant Together to Start and
Sustain a Church Planting Movement

04 Reproduce ‘Rabbit’ Churches and Cells

05 Tell the Historical Gospel Events and
Present the Risen Christ

06 Evangelize Networks of Friends and Kin

07 Confirm Faith and Repentance with
Baptism, Focus on Jesus with Communion

08 Bond with a Neglected People and
Culture, and Find a ‘Son of Peace’

09 Combine Mercy Ministries with Church
Planting and Pastoral Work

10 Let All Worshippers Participate Actively
and Serve One Another

11 Prepare to Work Where Authorities
Are Hostile (Form a Secret Church)

12 Equip Believers to Do All Ministries
that the New Testament requires

13 Mentor New Leaders like Jesus and
His Apostles Did

14 Regional Coordinators Train Trainers,
Provide Materials and Keep Records


Conceptos del taller

Para empezar un nuevo movimiento de iglesias:

1 Orar por más obreros.

2 COMPARTIR la autoridad con sus aprendices.

3 Comisionar a los nuevos obreros y enviarlos en equipos.

4 Proporcionar instrucciones claras a los aprendices.

5 Mantener las instrucciones simples.


7 Hacer que los obreros inicien
rebaños (en las casas de personas dignas) con el fin de alcanzar a familias enteras.

8 Alentar a los obreros a vincularse con la gente y a adoptar sus costumbres.

9 Esperar persecución

10 Proclamar las Buenas Nuevas inéditas.

11 Permitir los milagros de Dios conforme otros reportan actividades y resultados.

12 Escuchar a los obreros.

Module 1: The Lord’s Vision

Module 2.
The Empty Field

Module 3.
The Empty Field
Seek Persons and Houses of Peace.

Module 4:
The Empty Field — Pray for Labourers

Module 5:
The Seeded Field — Share Your and Jesus’ Stories

Module 6.
The Growing Field
Plant Simple Churches

Module 7.
The Harvest Field
Plant Many New Churches

Module 8.
The Harvest Field Multiply Leaders and Trainers


What this manual does

Before a workshop starts

1.  Introduce the workshop

2.  Train leaders to fulfill pastoral duties

3.  Train leaders for essential church ministries

4.  Train leaders who share authority

5.  Train leaders in multi-generational chains

6.  Train by modeling seven mentoring elements

7.  Train with materials suitable for mentoring

8.  Train leaders to spread the Good News

9.  Train leaders to make reproductive disciples

10.  Train leaders for church reproduction

12.  Monitor pastoral training outcomes

13.  Train leaders to face persecution

14.  Enroll trainees in Train & Multiply®.

15.  Uphold biblical qualifications of elders



1. Model

2. Obey

3. Gather

4. Teach

5. Coach

6. Love

7. Evangelise

8. Report

9. Track

10. Reproduce