Getting Started with Paul-Timothy Studies

1.           Choose studies that fit your needs, using the User Menu.

·         Ask your coordinator for study #2, User Menu of Training Materials, or download a printable copy from

·         Studies are grouped under 15 Ministries. Choose for each student a study that deals with a current need of the student’s congregation.

·         Find the Ministry that contains studies related to a student’s need. For example, if a student wants to develop worship, then find the corresponding studies on the menu under WORSHIP.

·         Keep printed studies stored separately for each ministry area, so that you can easily find them.

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2.           Most studies also have a children’s version.

·         Most of the studies have a one lesson for Shepherds and another for Children.

·         Both lessons treat the same topic, so that children learn a Bible story related to the topic that the adults will learn. The children can act out the Bible story for the adults during worship time.

·         Printed shepherd’s studies have the word ‘Shepherd’ in their top margin, and printed children’s studies have the work ‘Children’ in their top margin.

·         Get better results with children by teaching them their lesson before they join the adults for worship, so that they will be prepared to participate along with adults..

·         Children’s teachers should read follow #5, “Guidelines for Children’s Teachers.”

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3.           Ministries in the User’s Menu include sets of studies for different topics.

·         Each Ministry area has several sets of studies. For example, the ministry “Worship” includes sets on Communion, on celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, and on other aspects of worship.

·         Some sets also have supplementary studies with additional information on a topic.

·         Shepherds’ studies help leaders to plan next week’s activities and the next worship.

4.           Initiate leader training by following the “Getting Started” studies.

·         Pastoral trainers follow #3, “Eleven Guidelines for Trainers.”

·         Pastoral students follow #4, “Guidelines for Shepherds Being Trained.”

·         Children’s teachers follow #5,“Guidelines for Children’s Teachers.”

·         Other workers follow #7, “Helping a Congregation’s Body Life.”

5.           Worship leaders follow #8, “Planning and Leading Group Worship.”

·         Coordinators who lead workshops to initiate Paul-Timothy training may follow the Paul-Timothy Workshop Manual. You can download it freely from; click on ‘Workshop Manual.’

·         Paul-Timothy studies help you to plan interactive, relational worship activities.

·         Follow Paul-Timothy studies to prepare for a worship time in which many participate in a family atmosphere that includes children. The Holy Spirit works more powerfully in meetings where participants already have relationships.

·         New Paul-Timothy studies can be written to meet your needs. If you will inform the Paul-Timothy writers about other study needs, then they will create a new studies. Let your trainers know your needs, so that they can inform the Paul-Timothy writers at

·         The Paul-Timothy studies will never become finalized, because new studies will be added, and existing ones improved, according to your reports about the needs of your congregations.

·         Paul-Timothy publishes supplementary studies as they become ready. Please visit the web site often to find and download free studies:

·         Paul-Timothy studies may be freely copied, translated into any language, stored on any medium and distributed for free or for money. Please, include the following statement:

These materials may be freely copied, translated, stored, distributed and sold.