SUICIDE:  Satan wants you dead

“I feel so ashamed of my poverty, it would be better for me to die.”

“Because of the things I have done,
a voice tells me to commit suicide.”

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Satan wants you to die

Although no one wants to die, yet everyone sometimes wants to get away from his problems. At those times, evil spirits whisper to you, “Death would be better for you than living with these problems.”

When men and women feel shame, or when they have lost hope, the devil may tempt them to commit suicide.

Read in the Bible about some who killed themselves or thought about doing so.

What made each one think about suicide? Write your answer after each bible verse.


1 Samuel 31:3-5. King Saul and his armor-bearer.



2 Samuel 17:23. Wise Ahithophel.



1 Kings 16:15-19. King Zimri.



Matthew 27:3-10. Judas Iscariot.



Acts 16:25-28. A jailor in Philippi.


If someone tells you he is going to commit suicide, then learn the real cause of his feelings. Find if he has done any of the following.

You may feel like putting an end to you life, when things like these happen:

1.       You have got into debt and you cannot repay it.

2.       You have not performed in school as your family expect.

3.       They beat you in your home and you have nowhere else to do.

4.       You have committed a crime or a sin and others have found out about it.

5.       Your farm or your business has failed, and your family has unmet needs.

6.       Your health has gotten worse, or you have constant pain.

7.       Someone you love deeply has died or has abandoned you.

8.       You have been taking drugs.

9.       You have made a pact with an evil spirit.

10.   You have had dreams or you hear voices that say you must kill yourself.

11.   Tell him good reasons not to take their own life. Tell him some bad consequences of committing suicide.

If you commit suicide, then there will be sad consequences, such as these:

1.       If you are a Christian, then you will lose many rewards in heaven.

2.       If you are not a Christian, then you will go into hell forever.

3.       Those who need your help will suffer even more than they do now.

4.       Satan will tempt your children to reject God.

5.       Satan will tempt your children to kill themselves.

6.       Your enemies will rejoice and will slander you.

7.       Evil rich men will rob your widow and your young children.

8.       Others will believe that your God has no power.

Find in the Bible what God wants everyone to do.

Read what you should do when you feel like ending your life?

Read Deuteronomy 30:19-20. When you need to repent.



Read Acts 10:38-43. What Jesus is ready to do for you.



Read James 1:12-15. When you have sinned grievously.



Read 2 Corinthians 1:8-11. When you despair of life.



Read Matthew 6:7-14. How you should pray to God. 

When we confess our sins to Jesus who died for us,
then he forgives us and restores to us the joy that he has promised.

If you want to stop living, then you should take these steps

1.       Confess your sins to God, asking him to forgive you because of Jesus’ death for you.

2.       Ask God to put Jesus’ Holy Spirit in you.

3.       Stop taking drugs, stop using magic and stop praying to false gods.

4.       Ask Christians to pray for you not to be tempted by evil spirits.

5.       Ask Christians to pray for God to heal your diseases.

6.       Ask God to give you wisdom to find ways to pay your debt or to get protection.

7.       If you are not a Christian, then get baptized and start obeying Jesus’ commandments.

8.       Whenever an evil spirit speaks to you, order it, in Jesus’ Name, to be quiet, to go away and not to come back.

9.       Learn from the Bible and from other Christians how to lead a better life.

10.   Worship God regularly in a Christian church, with your household.

After someone else has taken his own life

If a Christian has committed suicide, hold a Christian funeral for him. Explain that what he did was a bad choice. Preach the gospel and invite folk to repent and receive eternal life.


If a non-Christian has committed suicide, pray for his family to turn to Jesus Christ. Pray that his children not be tempted to kill themselves. Explain to them how to gain eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for them to receive comfort and faith from God.

Pray for others who may be tempted to end their life

Thank you, God, our Creator, that you are gracious and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love for your creatures.


I pray that you would have mercy on those in _____________________ who are discouraged and hopeless and tempted to commit suicide.


Comfort the downcast, Lord and send your own people to encourage them. Heal the broken-hearted and deliver them from the Evil One.


Save them from death, open their eyes to understand the truth, and reconcile them to yourself.

For the Kingdom, the power and the glory belong to you, O Lord, forever and ever. (2 Cor. 7:6; Psalm 147:3; Jonah 4:2; 1 Tim. 2:1, 4)