Paul-Timothy Reproduction Cycle

Paul-Timothy materials can help you and your co-workers train others who accomplish five outcomes in ever-repeating cycles of reproduction:

1.       Increase new believers

2.       Reproduce obedient disciples

3.       Multiply little churches

4.       Extend generations of new leaders

5.       Expand into new regions

Wherever God allowed Jesusí apostles to accomplish these five outcomes, they empowered new workers to do the same in turn, to a fourth generation and beyond.

Read 2 Timothy 2:1-2 and find how many generations of workers Paul empowered.
(Answer: Christ, Paul, Timothy, faithful folk, others also.)

Read Acts 14:21-24. Find several phases that the apostles implemented in the starting of new churches. This process took only a new months to accomplish.
(Answer: (1) Form and send a small team. (2) Share the Good News in several places. (3) Teach new believers to obey Jesusí commandments. (3) Return and strengthen the faith of new disciples. (4) Appoint elders in each new gathering. (5) Move on to start again in other places.)
Paul-Timothy studies provide a menu of simple lessons that coaches share with local leaders in each of 21 phases and steps. Phases and steps can occur in any order and may overlap.