The Authority of the Word of God

Anchor command. ďProve yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.Ē James 1:22

Anchor promise: ďEveryone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man.
Matthew 7:24-25

Anchor story. King Josiahís obedience to Godís Word, 2 Chronicles 34

Anchor verse. ďJosiah Ö made all who were present in Israel serve the LORD their God. All his days they did not turn away from following the LORD.Ē2 Chronicles 34:33

Learning goals. Respect, honour and obey Godís holy Word.

Growth goals. Read and meditate on Godís word daily, including with oneís family.
Gain a profound appreciation for the infinite value of Scripture.
Find how joyful learning Godís word can be.

Skill goal.  Become able to teach and apply Godís word skilfully.

Outcome goal. All believers in oneís church come to love and obey Godís word.

Basic Study

1.      Learn from Josiah how to respond to Godís Word.

2.      Prayer: ďHoly Spirit, illuminate our minds to learn and obey your Word with all our hearts. Help us make it clear to others, so they can share in our joy.Ē

3.      Read 2 Chronicles 34 and find in it:

         How Josiah broke with some human religious traditions, in order to obey God.
(Answer: See verses 3-7. Josiah rejected the peopleís idols. We, too, must shepherd Godís flock in the way that God requires, not according to human traditions.)

         Find how hard Josiahís people worked to find the Word of God.
(Answer: See verses 8-15. The Word of God had been lost in the neglected temple.)

         Find the authority that Godís Word had for Josiah, and what Josiah did.
(Answer: See verses 30-33. We receive Godís revelation with faith and obey it.)

         Find how Josiah sought Godís help as he studied the Scriptures.
(Answer: See v. 21-28. The Holy Spirit dwells in us believers and guides us into truth, John 16:13. We ask Him to illuminate us as we study Godís Word, Eph. 1:15-18.)

4.      Plan with coworkers activities to do during the week.

         With your co-workers, help families to study the Word of God carefully during the week.

         Find how you can support translation and literacy in your area.

         Announce to the believers what you and they will be doing during the week.

King Josiah listens to the Law of the LORD


5. Plan with coworkers the upcoming worship time.

         Praise God for the truth revealed in His Word.

         Ask for testimonies and reports of how the Holy Spirit used the Bible last week to help people find joy and holiness.

         Prepare helpers to tell or act out the story of King Josiah in 2 Chronicles chapter 34.

         Ask all to listen to find how the Godís Word changed the lives of the Israelites.

         After relating the story, ask the believers what they discovered.

         Have the children also present the story of King Josiah, from childrenís study #25.

         To add some exciting drama, do the brief skit under #3, in the Advanced Study, below.

         To introduce the Lord supper, read 2 Chronicles 30, verses 5-6 and 25-27.
Explain: Before Jesus came, Godís people sacrificed a lamb and ate it to recall how God had saved them from slavery in Egypt. Now, Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away our sins.

         Gather in groups of two or three. To pray, confirm plans, and encourage one another.

Advanced Study

1. Main instruction

Find in Matthew 4:1-11 how Jesus resisted Satan.

         In what three ways did Satan tempt Jesus?

         What did Jesus quote, to answer Satan after each temptation?

         Who came to care for Jesus after His temptation?

         You might want the group to memorize

2. Background

         The Holy Spirit inspired devout men to write Godís Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17). They wrote the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek:

         Hebrew is read from right to left:

         Greek is read left to right.

         You will understand a Bible passage better if you know:

Who wrote it, to whom and why.
Where and when the events happened.
Who was speaking in the passage?
What it prepares us to do.

You will also understand some parts of the Bible better, if you know the customs, history and geography of ancient Israel. Learn these in other Paul-Timothy shepherds and supplementary studies (see the P-T User Menu).

3. Dramatize how the Holy Spirit uses Godís Word to illuminate our minds.
Two persons act out this brief skit, Learner and Deceiver.

Learner:          Light a candle on a table, then look the other way.

Deceiver:         Sneak up to the candle, blow it out, and lasts evenly.
Then say the following (If you translate the demonís poem, you do not need to preserve the rhyme):

You fools obey my Enemy! I will stop your bold sedition!

I will turn you from His Word, you will see, by teaching manís tradition!

You mortals dare with Him to sup, whose cup delivers from hellís fire?

I warn you, stop opposing or youíll feel the sting of hellís hot ire!Ē

Learner:          Light the candle again and hold it over the Bible in front of Deceiver.

Deceiver:        take that horrible light away! I cannot bear it!

Learner:          Jesus said, ďI am the Light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.Ē John 8:12

Godís Word is hidden from many people today, wherever no one has yet translated it correctly into their language. Many translators work hard to provide accurate translations.


In Old Testament times, Jews wrote their Scriptures by hand on scrolls that rolled up.

In New Testament times, Christians started making books that they copied by hand, thousands of times.