How Evil and All Bad Things
Entered the World

Dear Lord, please use this study to warn the children that their sin, like Adam’s sin, separates them from you and they need your forgiveness in order to live forever with you.

Choose activities that fit the children’s current needs and opportunities.

1.      An older child or teacher reads or tells by memory about Adam and Eve’s disobedience, Genesis chapter 3.

It tells how Satan, using the body of a serpent, tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God. Since God is holy, he had to send them away from his presence and let them die.

Satan appeared to Eve in the Garden of Eden as a serpentine dragon,
“perfect in beauty.” Ezekiel 28:12-13 and Revelation 12:9

After telling the story, ask these questions. [Answers appear after each question]

·         How did Eve know that God did not want her to eat the fruit? [Genesis 3:3]

·         What lies did Satan tell to make Eve want to eat the fruit? [Verses 4-5]

·         Why did Adam eat the fruit? [6]

·         Whom did Adam and Eve blame for their disobedience? [12-13]

·         What did God tell Satan that a woman's child would do to him? [15]

·         What did God say would be Eve’s punishment? [16]

·         What did God say would be Adam’s punishment? [17]

·         Why did Adam and Eve have to leave the presence of God in the garden? [22-24]

2.      Dramatize parts of the story of the original sin of mankind, from Genesis 3.

·         Arrange with the leader of the main congregational worship for the children to present this brief drama to the adults. You do not have to use all the parts.

·         Use part of your time with the children to prepare the drama.

·         Let older children help younger ones to prepare.

·         Older children or adults play these parts:

Eve (hold some large leaves, or pieces of paper, to represent leaves)
Voice of God
Serpent (hold a fruit or something that represents fruit).

Younger children play these parts:
Angel (hold a ‘sword’).

Narrator          Tell the first part of the story from Genesis 3:1-6. Then say,
“Adam named the animals in paradise. See how the animals walk.”

Animals           Move like an animal, one or more children at the same time.
Make animal’s noises

Adam               Point to each ‘animal’ and ask anyone,
“What should I name this animal?”
(Let the animal answer.) “I am a (name of animal)…”

Narrator          “Satan took on the body of a serpent. Hear what he said.”

Serpent            Hiss loudly, and hold the fruit toward Eve. Then say,
“Eve! Listen! Did God say not to eat any fruit in the garden?”

Eve                  “Oh! What a beautiful serpent!”
(Point at the fruit.)
“No! God said that we could eat any fruit except from the tree in the center of the garden. If we eat it we will die.”

Serpent            Hiss loudly. Then say,
“No, Eve. You will not die. You will be wise, like God.
You will know what sin is!”
(Laugh evilly.)

Eve                  “The fruit looks delicious. I am curious. I want to learn what sin is like. I do not care what God said. I will disobey him and eat whatever I want to eat!”

Eve                  Pretend to take the fruit, eat part of it, and then give it to Adam. Say,
“Adam! Eat this delicious fruit together with me.”

Adam               “Eve, God said not to eat it. But I will disobey, if you will.
I also want to know what evil is.”

Serpent            Laugh and hiss. Say,
“You chose to disobey God. Now He must send you away from Him forever!”
(Hiss and laugh.)

Narrator          Tell the second part of the story from Genesis 3:7-13. Then say,
“Hear what Adam said.”

Adam               “Eve! What have we done? We disobeyed God! Now I feel naked!”

Eve                  “Here are some large fig leaves. I will sew them together to make us clothes.”

Voice of God    (italics) “Adam! Adam! Where are you?
I have come to walk with you in the garden that I created for you to enjoy!”

Adam               “I was afraid because I was naked. So I hid.”

Voice of God    “Who told you that you were naked? Did you eat the forbidden fruit?”

Adam               “Eve gave it to me.”

Eve                  “The Serpent lied to me. He said that the fruit would be good for us!”

Narrator          Tell the third part of the story from Genesis 3:14-24. Then say,
“God made clothes of animal skins for Adam and Eve. Hear what He said.”

Voice of God    “Serpent, you will crawl in the dust; a descendant of Eve will crush you.
Eve, you disobeyed me. You will have pain in childbirth.
Adam, you will work hard to get food.
Now go. You cannot be in the garden with me any longer.”

Angel               Wave the sword toward Adam and say,
“Since you disobeyed God, you can no longer be in God’s presence
where you would have lived forever.”

Narrator          Thank everyone who helped with the drama, and thank the adults for listening.

3.      If the children dramatize this story for the adults, then let the children also ask the adults the questions that are listed under #1 above.

4.      Illustration: a child has a large sack tied with cord on his back.

The child goes to different people and asks, “How can I get rid of this painful load of sin?”
(Let them answer.)

Another child with a knife explains, “This Sword of the Lord is the Word of God.
It tells us that Jesus’ blood washes away our sins.”
(Cut or untie the cord holding the sack that the child has, and let the sack fall.)

5.      Let the children draw a picture of a snake or a fruit.

Let them show their pictures to the adults during the next worship time and explain that this illustrates how Satan tempts us. See the picture at the end of this lesson.

6.      Let smaller children memorize Romans 3:23; older ones memorize Romans 5:12.

7.      Ask the children, “In what ways do people choose to disobey God today?”

Discuss the answers

8.      Let three children each recite one of the verses from Psalm 53:1-3.

9.      Let an older child pray:

“Dear Lord, we have disobeyed you many times. We became slaves of Satan. We thank you for sending Jesus, a descendant of Eve, to crush the enemy’s head and free us.”

More detailed dramas to act out, dealing with Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God.

Adam Names the Animals, from the Angel’s Viewpoint, 5 minutes

The Old Dragon Defiles the First Family, from Angels’ Viewpoint, 5 minutes

Adam and Eve Mar God’s Image, in verse, 8 minutes




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