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Shepherd's Storybook presents the fast-paced account of a young congregation led by an apprentice shepherd. As they experience typical problems and attacks, they learn to deal with these from Bible stories. As you read the account and the same Bible stories, you will teach your church:

  • eight lessons on leading others to faith
  • seven lessons on obeying the commands of Jesus
  • fourteen lessons on practicing the one-another commands of the New Testament.

Some versions include a long index of Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments.

To view and download individual chapters of Shepherd's Storybook in English with pictures, click here.

Shepherd's Storybook with pictures (.pdf document in a 3.5 mb .zip file).
Shepherd's Storybook with pictures Part 1 (.doc document in a 4.8 mb .zip file).
Shepherd's Storybook with pictures Part 2 (.doc document in a 3.1 mb .zip file).
Shepherd's Storybook without pictures (.pdf document, 704 kb).

Shepherd's Storybook without pictures (.pdf document in a 662 kb .zip file).

Historias pastorales para capacitar a líderes pastorales
.docx de 281 kb, actualizado en 2016)

Download Hindi(1.3 mb)

Kiswahili (East Africa) 2010

Hadithi za Mchungaji

8.5" X 11" book  8.5" X 11" cover  6" X 9" book

Download Nepali(3.1 mb)

Download Oriya

Download Oriya Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (700 kb)

Historias pastorales (Documento .pdf de .322 kb)

Download Punjabi(3.1 mb)

Download Tamil
Download Tamil Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (3.1 mb)

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