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Our inherent genetics can conflict with modern society.

Golden rules: To understand and assess ourselves and others

Think-about these things: Personality types, consciousness, jobs, conflict

Characters: Animals, widgets, and children that appear in our cartoons at


About me: Introduction to Personal Journey

Photo gallery: Two cartoons and two downloadable manuals

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Q & A : Anger management

(PG 1) Spirituality and psychology

(PG 4) Workplace psychology

(PG 7) Children & upper and lower natures

(PG 8) Follow your passions and dreams

Fun stuff: Self esteem and wisdom

A-Z PSYCHOLOGY: Topics by alphabetic order (short summary)

BLOG: “The Making of a Counselor” (My personal story of overcoming a handicap)

Personal Journey: Tips on improving your biological, family, belief, and situational personalities

: Five videos on what is personality. “How to take the psychotoons personality test”

Grandma’s Wisdom: Short short stories for kids 2 to 102, zany wisdom (an e-book)

Blog 1 Psychotoons: Introduction to biological personality widgets (traits), a statistical probability model

Blog 2 Family and Children and Personality: Introduction to your family personality

Blog 3 Battle of the Sexes, Big Time: How beliefs affect our personality and sex differences

Blog 4 Job, Job Cultures, and Personalities: How your job affects your personality and others

: How consciousness and freewill affect each other and personality

Blog 6 Personal Growth: Steps you can take to improve your personality

Blog 7 Personality Test: Take the psychotoons personality test, graph your personality

Blog 8 in the big city,” a cartoon story of kids trying to make it right

Blog 9 Rosy and Frank: Grandma and Grandpa

Blog 10 : Consciousness in control (or not)

Blog 11 Guess Who: Personality of some historical figures

Blog 12 Holidays: How different personalities react to holidays

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