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Mr. Do and Widgets


Lower Nature Widgets
and Dragon


The Animals
They represent parts of our personalities,  
the Upper Nature of our personalities.

Ant who sees detail
Bee who sees patterns
Geru the bird with his bird’s eye view
Macho the scardy cat or fear
Cuddles the empathic dog
Turtle who is patient
Rabbit who is pure energy

The Widgets
Our personal icons of personality,

that live in our heads.

Mr. DO who runs our bodies with his widget advisors

Ant who sees detail for our personal
Bee who sees patterns for our personal
Beliefs for our personal personalities (Geru)
Love and Empathy for our personal
personalities (Cuddles)
Fear for our personal personalities (Macho)
Turtle for our personal patience
Rabbit for our personal energy

The Four Main Children

Edgar the philosopher
Molly the psychologist
Sue the spiritual one
George the popular political one


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