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ADHD / ADD and Ritalin Side Effects

ADHD / ADD is often the result of brain dysfunctional in one or more of the stages. ADHD, We don’t see, not from eye failure but brain failure. We are nervous and agitated beyond the situation or scattered in thought.  Finally we are so impulsive and scattered that we are unable to follow through with directions - ADHD.

Stimulants are the most important and most used drugs in treating ADHD or ADD. It’s chemical name is Methylphenidate. Stimulants increase activity in nerve cells in many different parts of the brain. It also increases inhibitions, especially in the frontal parts of the brain, stage three, shutting out unwanted stimuli, stage one, or unwanted responses, stage four. We become more alert and focused.

Stimulants also increase two neurotransmitters. These are dopamine, important for paying attention in stage one, and norepinephrine which affects the response or reward cues, stage two, and signals threats, such as punishment. 

Research with stimulants indicate short-lived affects on cognitive functions. But some individuals differ more than others do; some are affected more adversely by higher doses. In order to control hyperactivity, stage four,  the dose may have to be high enough to cause overdosing on cognitive or emotional functions, stage three and two, causing a “zombie-like personality.” Before caretakers can find optimal levels there can be a struggle between under dosing and over dosing. A parent may want to control behavior and the teacher may not want the cognitive functions to slack. 

Side affects are usually mild and easily manageable. Stimulants can produce a variety of effects. They may affect the sympathetic nervous system producing racing heart, increased blood pressure or insomnia.  Affects on the parasympathetic nervous system can be stomach upset and headaches.

ADD can also be a misdiagnosis of bi-polar. Bi-polar basically is the the unbalance of neurotransmitters in our brains because the body can not balance our salts and minerals. We then have too much or too little energy. Our attention span may be ok or heightened. We may have the right values but in the third stage we may not have enough energy to think things out or because of too much energy our thoughts are going too fast for us to monitor those thoughts so we exaggerate our facts.  Unable to monitor our emotions because of scattered or fast moving thoughts we may have rages.

If you need help in sorting out some of the behaviors or your self or of another you may ask me questions personally.

The environment, nature, and situations shape personalities. In turn situations are shaped by personalities, nurture. Our brain function also influences our personalities and is a result of nature and nurture.

The brain goes through four stages from first awareness to final action.  It first perceives i.e. see, hear, smell, feel or taste. Any objects or life form is then identified, say fire.

Next is the second step. A value must be assigned to the object or live form such as good, bad, safe, dangerous, important, not important, avoid, or go for it, etc. The third step is to figure out how  the object or life form fits into the scheme of things. Fire at the tip of a candle is used differently than a flame in a fireplace, or the fire in a burning home. The brain can then plan what to do with or about the fire.

In the last and fourth stage we try to carry out our plans. Each stage affects the other three stages. How balanced each stage is with the others influences our personality.

If we see fire but do not fear it we may not prepare our plans to avoid being hurt. If we do not see how to use fire we may not harness it. ADHD children may be fascinated with fire but not see the danger or proper use of the fire.

The four stages and our personality are also influenced by: 

  1. Biology: inherited traits and abilities, changes in development, or injuries all affect how well we learn.

  2. Family values or emotional experiences from the past affect us. So does inherited feelings of anxiety and pain.

  3. How you believe affects motivation and interpretation. How much love or fear, if you grow and expand or not, or how you go about doing things. It all helps curb or expand perceptions, emotions and action.

  4. The habits and skill we have affect how we go about doing or not doing things. 

Free will results when each stage affects each other in such a way to help us see, give correct values and build a spiritual philosophy and do the right thing.

Free will is at it’s best when all these factors are balanced. We are able to see, motivate, speculate and conquer or assimilate. If unbalanced our personalities are lacking what it takes to act for the good of others or of ourselves. A pyromaniac may set fires that hurt others. 

The following four sections address a little closer parts of these four areas. They are:

  1. ADD
  2. Christian counseling
  3. Suicide

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