Messiah Jesus — Jésus le Messie —  ישוע המשיח — المسيح عيسى

The Original Good News from Jesus and his apostles.

Read the four Gospels combined in one complete account.
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Read 31 biblical predictions about a coming one.

Read Daniel's remarkable prediction about a coming one. Video

View a calendar of Jesus' death and ressurrection, Nisan, AD 33  Video

See the earliest manuscript evidence for the words of Jesus.
Read an history of the four Gospels in Greek
Read a blending of three accounts of Jesus' appearance to Saul of Tarsus.

See a list of more than 700 biblical predictions and their historical fulfillments.

Read an apparent prediction made by Buddha about Jesus.
Lisez une prédiction présumée du bouddha au sujet de Jésus.

How the prophets and the messiah differ.
Mohammed and Jesus compared from their sources.
Qur'an and Bible compared

American Atheism as Religion

Read and test 200+ promises that Jesus made.
Read and test 300+ commands that Jesus gave.
Read and obey seven basic commands of Jesus

Three steps to be forgiven of everything you have done.
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