Paul Timothy6. Save the lost

Salvation from sin, death and hell. Witness for Jesus. Repent and be born anew. Baptise.

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Shepherds: Spread the Good News. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    Tell Jesus' Good News to others. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: Repentance, a change of direction. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    Jesus found a thief in a tree. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: Baptise to confirm repentance and faith. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    God saved faithful Noah from punishment. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: Witness for Jesus with the Spirit's power. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    God's Spirit gave power to tell about Jesus. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: New, eternal, holy life in Christ. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    A paralyzed man got to meet Jesus. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: Family & friends gather to hear about Jesus. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    Philip rode in a chariot and talked about Jesus. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: How sin entered the world. Preview. Word. Pdf

Children:    How evil and bad things entered the world. Preview. Word. Pdf

Shepherds: Jesus died on a cross to bear our sins. Preview. Word. Pdf
Shepherds: Jesus’ Resurrection Gives Life to Believers. Preview. Word. Pdf
Children:    Jesus rose back to life so children may live forever. Preview. Word. Pdf
Supplement: Original, Apostolic Good News Preview Pdf

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